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viscom 2017 to focus on interior design



Carpeting, wallpaper, entire shops even, can all be printed now. More and more interior designers and architects are discovering the possibilities of customising interior spaces with print technology - all at affordable prices, no less. What equipment is needed? Which technologies warrant investments? What are the latest interior trends? From 18 to 20 October, the answers to these questions will be on display at viscom 2017 in Düsseldorf.

 - Printed interior design is a top theme at viscom.
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Printed interior design is a top theme at viscom.

On 18 October, Europe’s trade fair for visual communication will launch the new premium print programme. Invited print services providers and advertising technicians will be able to meet with manufacturers and distributors to learn about print applications in digital printing and interior design. In brief lectures at the Speakers’ Corner at viscom, they’ll also find out more about the latest design trends for interior spaces, including shops, restaurants and hotels. In addition, the independent viscom experts will explain how printers and advertising technicians can find clients or project partners and how the investment in print technology can be financed.

20 October will be all about interior design, as well. Issues will include the role of digital large formats and films in individually designing the interiors at hotels or restaurants, for example. The programme is designed for advertising technicians, print services providers, interior architects and designers, and stand builders. Plus, viscom workshops will feature Adobe and Corel user courses on applied advertising technology.