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Stuttgart: New Hall takes shape



The construction of the new Hall 10 of Messe Stuttgart is on schedule and the completion of building is planned for autumn 2016, the trade fair organizer announced.

 - Employees from various trades are currently working on the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) and are building the shell from concrete, steel and wood.
© Messe Stuttgart
Employees from various trades are currently working on the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) and are building the shell from concrete, steel and wood.

Despite the rather unpleasant weather conditions in spring this year - it was too wet and too cold for that time of year - the construction of the Paul Horn Hall, Hall 10, on the grounds of Messe Stuttgart, is making good progress. With the additional hall Messe Stuttgart completes the original design of the planning consortium Bau Neue Messe. After the completion of the new hall the total exhibition area of Messe Stuttgart will increase from 105,200 to 120,000 square metres (roughly 17 football fields). The new building is located on its own grounds. The construction field was previously used as a car park, but was planned for this extension from the start. As part of this measure the West entrance is also being expanded, equipped with additional conference and meeting rooms and is thus being upgraded.

The Paul Horn Hall differs from the previous hall buildings with a wooden construction, which lends it its own character. The wooden beams are currently being put in place and the steel and concreting work is running alongside this. Roughly 50,000 cubic metres of excavated soil were used in total for the foundations. The reconstructed area is 290,000 cubic metres. To date around 1,700 tonnes of steel and 20,000 cubic metres of concrete have been installed. The construction of the hall is running on schedule. The lower floors are built and the working areas have been backfilled. The upper floors are slowly taking shape. The steel structure of the hall, including the laminated timber trusses, is already two thirds completed. The delivery yards are now being built.

Extension is urgently required

For Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, CEO and President of Messe Stuttgart, the extension is happening earlier than anticipated, but is nevertheless urgently required: "In 2008, just one year after the relocation to the new trade fair grounds, we were able to achieve a turnover of more than 100 million Euro, which was actually originally targeted for 2015. Our attractiveness as a trade fair venue increased massively in a short period of time. We were unable to meet the steadily growing demand for more space without an extension of the hall capacities. This demand came on the one hand from our existing, very successful trade fairs, such as AMB, Intergastra and R+T, who want to expand further. But the demand also came from the area of guest events, where we had to refuse many new events owing to capacity constraints. With the organic growth from within, plus additional events, which will establish themselves in Stuttgart, our turnover will also continue to further increase. The renting of the Paul Horn Hall is already in full swing."

Events are still taking place throughout the trade fair grounds without any restrictions despite the current construction work. At the West entrance a temporary entrance was created, which replaces the new entrance area until then. The bus and taxi stops at the West entrance are also accessible during the construction work. The inauguration of the Paul Horn Hall is scheduled for the start of 2018.