Sonntag, 18. März 2018

Start-up-forum at OTWorld 2018



For young companies in particular, getting a foothold in the orthopaedic aids market is often a challenge. To help them meet potential customers, investors and partners at OTWorld 2018 from 15 to 18 May in Leipzig, a joint stand is being organised - the "Start-up Zone".

 - OTWorld is a stomping ground for companies, also for young companies.
© Leipziger Messe / Tom Schulze
OTWorld is a stomping ground for companies, also for young companies.

Which of all the developments and trends will change the future? Which business ideas will impact on the market? These are questions that newcomers to any sector must face – not least those working in the field of orthopaedic aids. And a trade show offers an ideal platform for them to finally present their responses to these questions and to participate actively in the sector’s progress.

Every two years, OTWorld in Leipzig spawns numerous innovations in technical and conservative orthopaedics. Over the past few years, increasing numbers of newly formed companies involved in new materials or technologies have found a home at the international trade fair, alongside the market leaders, the organizer states. Since interest continues unbroken, a ‘Start-up Zone’ is to be launched for the first time at the upcoming event – a joint stand of which newcomers to the sector can take advantage, as an effective way of making contact with potential customers and partners. This stand is located at the very heart of the show in Hall 3.

Eligibility is restricted to young companies:

  • that have fewer than 10 employees
  • that have an annual turnover of no more than € 1 million
  • that are younger than three years old

The International Trade Show and the World Congress OTWorld represent a unique offering for orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic shoemakers, rehabilitation technicians, therapists and doctors, engineers, medical supplies retailers and staff of health insurance companies and healthcare funding organisations.

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