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OTWorld 2018: Technology in orthopaedic treatment



The future course of treatment with orthopaedic interventions is set afresh every two years at OTWorld in Leipzig. The next edition is held on 15 to 18 May, 2018. More than 21,000 experts from the various disciplines and professions are expected there.

 - Record numbers for the World Congress at the OT World.
© Leipziger Messe / Tom Schulze
Record numbers for the World Congress at the OT World.

Orthopaedic treatment means helping people lead active lives and empowering them to participate in them as fully as possible. According to the organizer, this can only be successful, if everyone concerned joins forces at the interface between the human being and the technology, to work out the details of treatment and its technical implications, as an interdisciplinary and inter-professional team.

When OTWorld once again opens its doors in May 2018, those attending the International Trade Fair and World Congress will be discussing and taking decisions that shape the future. All P&O specialists will work towards improving the quality of life by increasing human mobility. The trade fair presents a range of innovative products and, at the same time, their applications are discussed in the congress.

As well as the industrial exhibition with its opportunities for hands-on experience of innovative new technologies and techniques, OTWorld offers, in the World Congress, further professional development opportunities of the highest level. At the last OTWorld, 330 speakers delivered a top-flight congress programme, lasting a total of 105 hours, and something very similar is to be expected for 2018, too, the organizer states.

OTWorld is a place to meet colleagues, discuss, seek out new contacts, meet new people. With a special eye to international contacts, OTWorld once again, offering the Global Networking Area in 2018. Various associations, organisations and scientific societies will be represented on this joint stand at the invitation of Germany’s umbrella association for orthopaedic technology. In order to bring together the practitioners of tomorrow from all disciplines, the Jugend.Akademie TO is to be repeated again at OTWorld this year. Numbers of young specialists have already signed up for 2018, many of them from abroad. Some 500 participants are expected to attend, including, for the first time, trainees and young practitioners from Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.