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MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 with good numbers



The premiere of the CLIN LAB INDIA was one highlight of the new programme of the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017. Also, the number of visitors went up. According to the fair, 519 exhibitors has shown their solutions.

 - Next year, the Medical Fair India will be held in Mumbai.
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Next year, the Medical Fair India will be held in Mumbai.

The CLIN LAB INDIA celebrated its premier as an integral part of the programme of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA this year. The focal point of the talks was on trend topics that are particularly relevant to the practice of laboratory medicine, such as point-of-care testing, molecular diagnostics and clinical chemistry.

In general, the fair closed with a huge boom in visitors, the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA has built on the growth of the previous years. 13,480 decision makers from all sectors of the healthcare industry came to MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 at the Pragati Exhibition Center in New Delhi from 6 to 8 April, states the organizer. They visited 519 exhibitors to learn about the latest trends and innovations for medical healthcare.

New highlights also contributed to the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA. They enriched the supporting programme for the event and aroused much interest from visitors on all three of the trade fair days. A novel digital health platform was created in the FTR4H Lab & Lounge (Future for Healthcare powered by MEDICA). The Lab & Lounge centred around information, start-ups presenting their product ideas, expert dialogues and networking on all the fascinating topics concerning the digital transformation of the healthcare industry (i.e. mobile health, the internet of things and targeted and secure data handling).