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Integration: The cornerstone of the energy transition



Efficient, renewable and digital: Tomorrow's energy system will be fundamentally different to its contemporary cousin. The shape of our energy future will reveal itself in the exhibits of over 1,200 companies taking part in the Energy show at this year’s Hannover Messe.

 - At Hannover Messe the visitors will have the chance to discuss the challenges of future energy supply
© Deutsche Messe
At Hannover Messe the visitors will have the chance to discuss the challenges of future energy supply

On a combined display area of around 43,000 square meters (462,850 sq. ft), these companies will showcase a diverse array of smart solutions for tomorrow’s integrated energy system. The exhibits will cover the full range of energy topics, from decentralized supply, wind generation, integration, energy storage, energy efficiency and electric mobility, right through to smart grids. The Energy show will be supported by a series of technical forums in halls 12, 13 and 27. “The forums will have ‘integrated energy’ as their umbrella theme and feature lively expert discussion of all the key issues that are critical to the future of our energy system”, says Benjamin Low, Deutsche Messe’s Global Director in charge of the Energy show at Hannover Messe.

The Plaza is the beating heart of the Energy show

The Integrated Energy Plaza will once again be the beating heart of this year’s Energy show. It will feature its own forum program, company exhibits and interactive displays. Key themes in 2017 will be the digitalization of the energy transition, virtual power plants, energy system integration and innovative energy storage solutions. The Plaza’s lineup of exhibits include a display of the current Kopernikus energy transition projects of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as an update on the latest projects run under the “Shop Window for Intelligent Energy – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition” (SINTEG) development program of the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy. The Plaza's forum program will be organized by the German Energy Agency (dena) in partnership with a number of German industry associations, including the bdew, BEE, bne, GTAI, VDE, VDMA, VKU and ZVEI.

A highly coordinated effort

Achieving a future-proof energy system is about much more than just digitalizing all the individual components. What is called for is a concerted, integrated energy transition – a highly coordinated effort involving all the key players and technologies, across all the relevant sectors. The companies and organizations at the Integrated Energy Plaza will demonstrate how this can be done in practice. “We will present the initial results of our pilot study into a framework for an integrated energy transition that ensures the commercial viability of the process going forward,” explains dena CEO Andreas Kuhlmann.

This year’s Hannover Messe will be from 24 - 28 April.