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IAS 2017: Highlighting intelligence and innovation



Two specialized themed shows of the 19th China International Industry Fair, the Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS) and Industrial Automation Show (IAS) will be grandly opened on November 7-11, 2017 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

 - IAS is the industry barometer for the Chinese automation market
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IAS is the industry barometer for the Chinese automation market

The two shows, which are organized by Deutsche Messe AG and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd., are highlighting intelligence and innovation and respectively attracting over 600 top brands within a display area of 70,000 sqm.

With the wide increasing demand of national defense, aviation, railway high-speed, automobile, mold and other important equipment manufacturing industries, the winter of CNC machine tool and metalworking industry has almost drew to an end, signaled by the boost of the industrial production scale. This rebound will be reflected vividly on MWCS 2017. A strong lineup of world-leading brands will bring their latest products and technologies at three major thematic pavilions. The number of machine tools being showcased at the show is estimated to more than 1,000 and the whole scale has also witnessed an increase of 25 per cent.

Intelligence and networking will be the irresistible trend of CNC machine tool system and metalworking. In the future, Internet will exert even more powerful influence on the manufacturing process of CNC system and metalworking field. This year, MWCS will attract over 300 exhibitors from sheet metal, shaping, stamping machinery manufacturing and other related industries. The show will display a complete metal shaping industrial chain including laser cutting, 3D printing, shearing, folding, stretching, straightening, stamping, forging and pressing, robot production line, welding, surface treatment, mold, software, measurement and inspection, transport, safe production and research. Meanwhile, organizers will not only gather metalworking giants from home and abroad but also invite professional buyers from various industries involving engineering, agricultural, packaging, animal husbandry machinery, automobile covering parts, chassis cabinets, aviation, rail transport, air-conditioning pipe, elevator equipment, electronic products to jointly compose a magnificent chapter of CNC machine tool and metalworking.

IAS 2017: Continue to promote the Intelligent Automation

With the rapid integration of informationization and industrialization, Internet of things, cloud computing and other technologies have been widely used to improve equipment performance so that factories could be more efficient. Digital transformation has become a significant way for China's manufacturing industry to transform and upgrade. In addition, market demand promotes new changes in automation products. As an international event, IAS focuses on comprehensive solutions for industrial automation, production and process automation, electrical system, Industrial IT, informationization of manufacturing industry and microsystem. This year, the show will attract some 600 enterprises from 21 countries and regions including China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, America, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Britain, Israel and Singapore.