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High-tech equipment at POWTECH


Perfect mixing for glass and ceramic manufacture


At POWTECH, users from the glass and ceramic industry will find solutions for their entire process chain, from grinding, measuring out and agglomerating to in-service process and quality control. They will gain access to the equipment they need to respond to new demands and to develop innovative products. In addition, there will also be an extensive supporting programme.

 - More than 260 companies offer solutions specifically for the glass and ceramic industry.
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More than 260 companies offer solutions specifically for the glass and ceramic industry.

Mixing is an essential basic procedure in batch processing in the ceramics industry. The demands on the various mixing systems are as varied as the range of potential applications, e.g. high-tech ceramics, optoceramics, bioceramics, glass ceramics or electroceramics. There is a similar range of demands covering activities in the glass industry, with special preparation procedures for plate glass, glass for containers, tableware and special purposes, or for mineral fibre manufacture.

Stefan Ruberg, CEO of a specialised supplier from Paderborn, has precisely defined solutions for these varied requirements: “For battery manufacture, for example, it’s essential that the preparation units have no metallic surfaces, to avoid any possible contamination with metal particles. One of the key demands in the preparation of ceramic dyes is ‘clean and accurate batches’. For vacuum mixer drying and final mixing, you need to avoid any possibility of product carry-over.”

At POWTECH 2017, his company is displaying a new, patented mixing system. Ruberg comments on the process advantages this system offers: “With this new mixing process, mixing is both fast and careful. Any loose elements are also removed with no residues and with no need for demixing.”

At POWTECH, trade visitors get to experience technologies covering the entire ceramic and glass manufacturing process chain: over 260 companies with a focus on glass and ceramic manufacture are exhibiting in Nuremberg. Visitors should also make a point of taking in the supporting programme at POWTECH: the Expert Forum on bulk goods technology includes presentations on processing, handling and analysis of powders and bulk goods throughout the entire duration of the fair. A special show by VDMA deals with the industry topic of maintaining air quality and drying, presenting efficient solutions for keeping production as free from dust as possible.