Sonntag, 18. März 2018

High-calibre expertise for the embedded community



The embedded world exhibition & conference 2018 (27 February to 1 March 2018 in Nuremberg) is coming along very well, while the prospects for the embedded world and electronic displays conferences are also excellent.

 - In Nuremberg, even the sausages are "embedded".
© NürnbergMesse / Frank Boxler
In Nuremberg, even the sausages are "embedded".

The capabilities of processors have grown so much that new technologies like machine learning and AI are close to being applied. This will enable completely new systems that will perceive the environment around them autonomously, draw conclusions from it and make decisions. The embedded world conference is reflecting this trend with its theme “Embedded Goes Autonomous”. The programme is subdivided into seven conference clusters: Internet of Things; Embedded Vision; Autonomous Systems; Security & Safety; Embedded OS; Hardware Engineering; Software & Systems Engineering.

At the electronic displays conference, held in parallel embedded world exhibition & conference, developers, scientists and users of electronic displays will once again conduct a dialogue about the latest display technologies such as LCD, OLED or ePaper, flexible displays, 3D displays, GUIs, touch technology, the wide range of applications for these displays and the development of the market. Highlights in 2018 are keynotes on display trends and OLEDs, three sessions on automotive displays and other high-calibre sessions on touch technology, measuring technology, AR/VR and applications and optimisations.