Sonntag, 18. März 2018

GrindTec bigger than ever


On growth course: GrindTec to return in nine exhibition halls - two more than in 2016


The GrindTec specialist trade fair will once more grow significantly in 2018. 630 registrations correspond to a plus of 9 per cent. The area occupied has correspondingly grown by 3,000 to 45,000 square metres. GrindTec returns with nine exhibition halls, two more than in 2016.

 - On 45,000 square metres, GrindTec exhibitiors will present many fascinating innovations and world premieres.
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On 45,000 square metres, GrindTec exhibitiors will present many fascinating innovations and world premieres.

44 per cent (+2 per cent) of the companies have their headquarters abroad. With 30 nations taking part, GrindTec attains a new best level here, too. Whilst the proportion of Asian companies amongst the foreign participants was 24 per cent two years ago, this figure has meanwhile risen to 30 per cent. The growing interest of grinding technology suppliers from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan or India is the actual growth engine of the worldwide leading platform for grinding technology. Switzerland is home to a whole number of leading grinding technology suppliers and in 2018 it is also the no. 1 amongst the international participants. With 59 exhibitors it (still) lies just ahead of Italy (54 exhibitors), but the area occupied is nearly twice as large. China follows in third place with 52 exhibitors (+ 15). The USA is fourth with 14 participators, followed by France and Japan, each with 10 exhibitors.

Industry 4.0, automation, networking, digitalisation and Smart Factory – these topics are currently talked about everywhere, and they are of course also represented at the GrindTec 2018. Many exhibitors, in particular manufacturers of grinding machines, control systems and software, are presenting innovative solutions in the area of digital networking. The peripheral systems are also becoming increasingly intelligent and in this way make an important contribution to the process reliability of the production systems for grinding, polishing and lapping.

Megatrend electromobility

The megatrend of electromobility is also bringing sustainable changes in component manufacture. The new automobile driving technology will require large quantities short-term in order to be able to supply the market. After this, due to measures for further developmant and improvement, there will be a fast adaptation of the productions systems. Manufacturers of production resources must react here with flexible machine concepts. The corresponding solutions for swiftly changing conditions are already being presented by exhibitors at the GrindTec 2018. The manufacturers of 5 axle tool grinding machines continue to shape the profile of the trade fair. However, the largest growth at the GrindTec 2018 is in the field of conventional grinding machines for cylindrical, internal cylindrical and flat grinding work as well as in specialized grinding machines. Machines which can be used for small and medium sized batches are in trend. This development thus satisfies the increasing individualism of products on the one hand and the E-mobility trend on the other. Short auxiliary process or set-up times will be just as decisive for these systems as the intuitive operability of user interfaces.

Through the GrindTec’s considerable growth yet again, the project management has been forced to reposition a number of themes. The universities and research institutes can now thus be found as GrindTec Campus in the reception area of hall 1, the FDPW has moved to the conference centre and the “Tool grinder of the year” competition is taking place in hall 4 for the first time. The two additional halls 8 and 9 in the outdoor area of the Augsburg Exhibition Centre are also new. Apart from numerous important grinding technology companies, the starting point for the special theme “Grinding Technology 4.0” is also here in hall 8.

Special theme Grinding Technology 4.0

The digitalisation and consistent networking of processes offers valuable optimisation potentials, particularly in grinding technology. Grinding companies in particular frequently have great requirements for information on Industry 4.0 and the special theme of Grinding Technology 4.0 – Excellence in Digital Grinding was designed for them. The participating exhibitors are presented in the competence leader Grinding technology 4.0, the trade fair organiser announces.