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CIOE 2017: Vision "Made in China 2025" in focus



The 19th China International Optoelectronic Expo will be launching two new exhibition zones - Lasers Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing, Emerging Display and the continuance of the photonics innovation pavilion - to spotlight the "Made in China 2025" vision.

 - In Shenzhen, the CIOE 2017 will showcase the newest developments in China's laser industry.
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In Shenzhen, the CIOE 2017 will showcase the newest developments in China's laser industry.

Under the strong promotion of “Made-in-China 2025” and intelligent manufacturing, there will be a boom in China’s laser industry. Numerous new applications will emerge in the market such as laser micro processing, medical laser and laser 3D printing, which will push forward laser technology future development and leads China into laser-processing age.

With strong basis in pearl-river delta, CIOE will launch a specialized sub-expo - “Laser Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Expo”. Expecting over 300 lasers manufacturers and more than 10,000 local and international visitors, latest lasers technologies, new applications and new trends will be showcased within a 10,000 sq. meters exhibition area.

Photonics innovations as main highlight

In 2016, CIOE presented the first Photonics Innovation Pavilion in China with various special on-site events. Due to last year’s success, CIOE 2017 will continue to illustrate the continued story of the innovations in the Photonics Innovation Pavilion, which includes biophotonics, medical imaging, sensing and detection, photonics manufacturing, IoT, artificial intelligence and optical fiber sensor.

Another new exhibition zone, “Emerging Display Technology Zone”, aims at helping the global optoelectronic industry to discover more business possibilities and demands. Focusing on new intelligent technologies including emerging display, wearable device, 3D display, grapheme, AR/VR, holography and flexible display (OLED), this new zone will expect to attract engineers in advanced manufacturing, entrepreneurs who enjoys presenting innovative projects, makers who are looking for partners, and investment companies that seeks business opportunities.