Sonntag, 18. März 2018

BAU: XXL format in 2019



BAU 2019, taking place between January 14 and 19, 2019, will be a real XXL event. Because it will include the two brand new exhibition halls C5 and C6, which increase the capacity of the Messe München exhibition centre to around 200,000 square meters.

 - Preparations for BAU 2019 are in full swing
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Preparations for BAU 2019 are in full swing

And BAU 2019 will be taking up all of this space – 18 halls in total. It will be the biggest BAU ever. There’s also a new exhibition section, on Lighting and Smart Building, to add to the comprehensive spectrum of themes presented at this show. Expanding the exhibition space was a very important step for BAU, says Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO of Messe München: “Firstly, we can now accommodate in part the exhibitors’ requests for more space. Secondly we can reduce the waiting list we have for some sections of the show, and thirdly – perhaps the most important point – we can integrate two new future-oriented themes into BAU, in a section on Lighting and Smart Building.”

Despite more space being available for the 2019 event, already now – one year before the show starts – it is getting hard to find free slots. “The run on BAU is as big as it ever was,” explains Markus Sporer, Deputy Exhibition Director of BAU. “The job of planning and allocating space is in full swing. In many segments, and therefore in 15 of the 18 halls, we are more or less fully booked, apart from one or two remaining slots. The sections in which we are better able to offer free space are BAU IT, gate and parking systems and architectural/artificial lighting.”

Today is already clear that when BAU opens its doors on January 14, 2019, all 18 exhibition halls will be fully booked, down to the last square meter. And with the extra space at our disposal in 2019, it’s certain we will set a new record for exhibitor numbers. In fact we are expecting around 2,200 exhibitors from at least 45 countries. On the visitor side, too, the chances are good that we will exceed 250,000. The organizers are also aiming to attract even more trade visitors from abroad – the aim is for about one third of the total.