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Surface technology in focus



Debut at Hannover Messe's Industrial Supply 2017: For the first time, surface technology will be featured extra prominently. The SurfaceTechnology Area replaces the SurfaceTechnology trade show.

 - From now on feature as a core part of Industrial Supply: the SurfaceTechnology Area replaces the SurfaceTechnology trade show.
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From now on feature as a core part of Industrial Supply: the SurfaceTechnology Area replaces the SurfaceTechnology trade show.

The SurfaceTechnology Area at Industrial Supply 2017 will span the entire surface value chain, from pretreatment, surface coating and finishing all the way through to the end product. The SurfaceTechnology Area replaces the SurfaceTechnology trade show and will from now on feature as a core part of Industrial Supply, where it will be staged every two years. The change gives the industrial surface technology displays at Hannover Messe an attractive new location – Hall 6 – that is already making its mark among exhibitors. "We've noticed a definite pick-up in our surface technology business here in Hannover," commented the director of the Industrial Supply show, Olaf Daebler. "Companies that were absent in recent years are now coming back to us."

The new display area has the support of Thomas Schräder, Director of the Air-Handling Technology Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). "Surface technology is fundamental to integrated industrial manufacturing," he said. "It has many applications in many areas and is therefore an excellent fit for the Industrial Supply show. Surface treatment processes open up a wealth of technological possibilities that add real value to industrial products. They are a vital part of the capital goods industry and hence also of Hannover Messe," he added.

Three distinct zones

The SurfaceTechnology Area will feature three distinct zones: a VDMA group presentation, a new Micro-Nano Area organized jointly with partners from the IVAM Microtechnology Network and the Nano in Germany association, and the World of Surface Treatment showcase staged by the German Surface Treatment Association (ZVO). "Hannover Messe remains a very important event for electroplating and surface technology companies who subcontract directly to the capital goods industry," commented ZVO CEO Christoph Matheis. "And that is why we will once again be staging our World of Surface Treatment pavilion at the fair in 2017. The new location as part of the Industrial Supply show will generate added interest in the surface technology displays," he said.

In terms of thematic content, the SurfaceTechnology Area will cover parts cleaning and pre-treatment solutions, electroplating, liquid surface coating technology including liquid coating plants and application systems, shot-blasting technologies, industrial plasma coating, nanotechnology, measuring, testing and analysis equipment and associated services. The SurfaceTechnology Area is located in Hall 6, adjacent to various allied technologies, including process technology, lightweight technology and displays of parts and components made of rubber, metal, plastics and ceramics.

Special displays within the SurfaceTechnology Area

The ZVO World of Surface Treatment pavilion presents innovations for all areas and types of surface treatment. It covers everything from pre-treatment, electroplating, process chemicals and plant engineering to quality assurance and test methods. The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) group presentation focuses on mechanical and process engineering solutions for surface treatment. Among much else, suppliers of liquid surface coating, shot-blasting, electro-chemical treatment and air quality control solutions will use the presentation to showcase the latest innovations for enhanced process efficiency and higher-performance surfaces. In the Micro-Nano Area, nano and micro technology specialists will present key technologies for industrial use. These include micro-structures and sensor systems, intelligent laser machining systems, 3D measuring methods, energy harvesting solutions and more.