Light+Building 2022

LEDs in comparison LED with B&M glass optics Reduction of the beam angle to 8° and up to 20 times the intensity with homogeneous illumination LED without optics 120° beam angle Our advantages for you · Any change to the beam angle only with an optic (8° –60°) · Homogeneous illumination with no colour effects · Avoidance of dice formation through special surface textures · Standard aspherical lenses for all LEDs available on the market · Longevity of the optics even with negative external influences · No heat generation problems with high-power LEDs · Attractive, high-quality glass materials · Easy to adapt for customerspecific applications · Low tooling costs for moulded glass lenses to customer specifications Beam focusing (secondary optics) Our moulded glass spheres are suitable for all types of LEDs (e.g. high-power LEDs with extensive dice or normal LEDs with just one dice). The natural 120° beam angle of an LED can readily be reduced to less than 8° with one of our optics (with high efficiency and homogeneous illumination). Of course, the angle can be determined by changing the distance between the lens and the LED. Line management Streaks of light can be generated with our cylindrical lenses. We have a wide range of standard lenses. RGB-LED light mixing For all RGB LEDs, we offer the perfect lenses for achieving dynamic light colour changes. Just like common 4-chip LEDs, large-scale RGB applications can also be homogeneously mixed. Cylindrical lenses for LEDs e.g. in focal lengths of 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 14.0 mm, 20.0 mm, 25.0 mm. Here, the width always corresponds to the focal length. The length can be freely chosen up to max. 250 mm. We look forward to receiving your enquiry (see page 17). Lenses with texture The lenses with textured surfaces replace any diffusing lenses which may be installed and prevent the associated light loss. We offer these textures in three versions: smooth medium rough 120° 8° Lens arrays Our arrays are used to combine several LEDs into one light beam. For us, all designs are possible - according to customer requirements. Meet us at Hall 8.0, Booth D29 Add_3rd-US-Fair_RZ.indd 1 12.09.22 14:24