imm cologne 2017

•••2••• Messewelten Nur wenige Themen bekommen im Social Web mehr Aufmerk- samkeit als Einrichten, Wohnen und Design: Das neue Format „immspired – the bloggers‘‘ trend show“ der imm cologne/LivingKit- chen gibt der Online-Community Raum für Inspiration und Innova- tion zum Anfassen. Zwei erfolg- reiche Bloggerinnen aus den USA und den Niederlanden machen 2017 den Auftakt. Sie werden je- weils eine Sonderfläche nach ih- ren persönlichen Ideen gestalten. Für die LivingKitchen gestaltet die US-Amerikanerin eine eigene Flä- che rund um das Thema Küche – für sie das Herz jeder Wohnung. Ihre niederländische Kollegin wird im Bereich Pure zeigen, wie sich Wohnen und Arbeiten in einem lebendigen Ambiente perfekt in Balance bringen lassen. Ihre Ideen, den Entstehungsprozess und den Aufbau ihrer Ensemb- les dokumentieren sie über die Social-Media-Kanäle der Messe und ihre eigenen Plattformen. Blogger zeigen Design-Highlights Die LivingKitchen hat 2017 ihre eigene Dynamik gefunden: Kit- chenLab, das neue, innovative Design-Event, das LivingKitchen gemeinsam mit einem niederlän- dischen Design-Magazin entwi- ckelt hat, soll dabei neue Maß- stäbe setzen. 15 niederländische Designer bekommen während der internationalen Einrichtungs- messe imm cologne die Möglich- keit, ihre Ideen und Visionen in der Halle 5.2 Stand A-028 rund um das Thema Kochen zu präsentie- ren. Neben Schwerpunkten wie Produktion und Verarbeitung von Lebensmitteln wird dabei auch das Konsumverhalten beleuchtet. „Mit KitchenLab rücken wir ein sozialkritisches, ja sogar ein ge- sellschaftspolitisches Thema in den Mittelpunkt einer Ausstel- lung. Das Konsumverhalten in Be- zug auf unsere Lebensmittel und damit auch die Frage nach einem nachhaltigen und ökologischen Anbau von Produkten ist ein höchst brisantes Thema – vor al- lem, wenn man an eine klimaneu- trale Produktion denkt“, erklärt Robert Tiemann, Geschäftführer des Design-Magazins. KitchenLab: neues Event-Format Hide-and-seek: a Pure Talents Contest ‘nominees‘ object allows to retreat into privacy. Photo: Koelnmesse / Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte Cologne meets interior design From classics to cutting-edge creations: beauty for every taste The international interiors leading fair, imm cologne, will guarantee an energetic start to the 2017 furni- ture year. With around 1,200 com- panies from 50 countries, the dual trade fair of imm cologne and Liv- ingKitchen 2017 presents itself as a diverse, versatile product exhibi- tion and represents current inte- rior design trends. Over 100,000 pieces of furniture and other fur- nishing items will be exhibited, around a third of which will be presented to the international market for the first time at the Co- logne exhibition. Imm cologne displays not only classics that are right on-trend and suitable for outdoor use, but also features new products for floors and walls. Traditional and design- oriented, understated and snug – the new furniture season gets under way. The award-winning “Furnishing Cologne“ campaign from imm cologne once again presents the first new prod- ucts in the Cologne area. The new products demonstrate a ge- neral longing for classic forms, which are used without stylistic or spatial limitations. Thus, sofas are readily posi- tioned on terraces, traditional rugs are showcased in contemporary settings, and workstations and chairs find truly mobile applications. Furniture and rugs tell stories – sometimes they conjure up a feeling of entering another, much- loved era (currently on-trend: the seven- ties), sometimes they recount tales of handicrafts or bear witness to the sig- nificance of traditional patterns. Old de- signs are created in new materials (such as Tencel), new designs take shape in old materials (such as wool, marble, wood and wickerwork), and modern mirrors reflect marbled surfaces through the perspective of a nostalgic haze, yet are completely lead-free. Outdoor rendezvous The loveliest view of Cologne cathedral is from a popular public bar on the sixth floor. On the terrace, a new outdoor so- fa tempts the passer-by to while away the hours. The use of modern, weather- resistant materials to create a finish in the style of traditional, rustic weaving techniques using switches of willow and hazel is typical of the natural charm of modular, combinable upholstered and occasional furniture. At the imm cologne trade fair, design’s big-name brands present their holistic philosophies for home living. The clas- sic fair architecture of the “Pure” hall in particular offers them plenty of room to prepare the right ambience for their collections and present their com- prehensive furnishing concepts. These also include style-defining products such as rugs, wallpaper and fabrics. For example, a Spa- nish rug label presents a tradition- al Indian flat-weave dhurrie rug. The rug consists of three inde- pendent sections, which are each dominated by different fibres. Wool, felt and cotton in various proportions and combinations each have a different effect on the colour scheme and the weave, and thus bring the pattern to life. The fringed edges give an insight into how the rug is produced. It is avai- lable in two sizes and five colour variants: black, ochre, turquoise, sage and blue. Pure Talents Contest The Pure Talents Contest is unrivalled in the world. Koelnmesse not only offers the shortlisted participants practical help with the organisation of the spe- cial event, but also takes on the costs – something which is unique in the inter- national trade fair world. “Our aim is to support young designers as best as pos- sible. For us, this support starts as soon as the shortlisting and the seven-days- long exhibition of their prototypes in Hall 3.1 at imm cologne,” explains Arne Petersen, Vice President Trade Fair Man- agement at Koelnmesse GmbH. “We in- vite the talented youngsters to present their designs at the special event – and at no cost to them. The history of the Pure Talents Contest has shown that one or other product finds a producer and goes into serial production.” Cologne, the perfect romantic setting for the imm Photo: Koelnmesse Continued from page 1