Hannover Messe 2022

•••8••• Messewelten AUTOMATICA 2022 Sustainable production is good for the environment and profitable for companies. Various studies outdo each other projecting savings generated by resource-conserving production technology. One thing is certain: We are talking billions here. automatica, which will take place from June 21 to 24 at the Munich exhibition site, will show how to tap into this potential. Innovationen aus Portugal Portugal, das Partnerland der HANNOVER MESSE 2022, ist ein Global Player auf dem Markt der technischen Teile und Lösungen. In diesem Geschäftsfeld hat das Leistungsangebot der portugiesischen Unternehmen eine enorme internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bewiesen. Engineered Parts & Solutions ist einer der zentralen Bereiche, in denen sich Portugal auf der HANNOVER MESSE 2022 präsentieren wird – vertreten durch 69 Unternehmen in Halle 3. AMB 2022: We are back The heart of the metal-working industry beats again in south Germany “Planning for the exhibition is in full swing.” How we have missed saying this! But for AMB 2022, it is once again true! Over the last few months, organisers have largely finalised the exhibitor stand locations, with just a few coordinationmeetings ongoing with companies who were not included in the initial floor planning stage. To date, 1061 exhibitors have registered, of which there are 901 principal exhibitors and 160 coexhibitors. From experience, this figure will rise further, particularly as a result of registrations from co-exhibitors who will be bringing their own staff and showcasing their products from the stands of host partner firms. “We are hugely grateful and even a little proud that the overwhelming majority of companies are continuing to commit to AMB. The support of our partners and exhibitors has played a key part in ensuring that Messe Stuttgart has survived the coronavirusrelated enforced closures of the last two years relatively unscathed,” states Roland Bleinroth, President of Messe Stuttgart. AMB 2022 remains the international industry meeting point Based on the current number of exhibitors, the ratio of national to international exhibitors reflects the highly international nature of the exhibition. Currently standing at 31% of the exhibitors and 29% of the exhibition space, the international figure is in keeping with that of AMB 2018 (2018: 29% of the exhibitors and 25% of the exhibition space). The top-three international exhibitor countries are Italy (7%), Switzerland (6%) and Spain (2%). These figures demonstrate that it is worth making the trip to Stuttgart to see the latest developments in themetal-working industry, nurture existing business relationships and seek out new partners. Exhibition space is fully occupied The net area available for allocation to exhibitors is currently 73,000 m². Given that the total gross area available is around 120,000 m², visitors to AMB 2022 will therefore be met with packed halls and a fully occupied site. “Momentum is high and everything is set for the success story of AMB to continue. We are confident that the last remaining exhibition spaces will be allocated in the next few weeks,” says Director of Mechanical Engineering and Production Gunnar Mey who, along with his team, is responsible for AMB. The positive response has meant that the topic-led floor plan is largely being retained and only minor optimisations are planned. For example, the spindle manufacturers are moving from the gallery in the L-Bank Forum (hall 1) to the Oskar Lapp Hall (hall 6) and the topics of gear cutting and surface technology will this time be located together in hall 5. Analogue meets digital: AMB 2022 enhanced with digital expansions By contrast, major changes await exhibitors and visitors with respect to digital of fer ings. These have been seamlessly integrated into the exhibition programme. Leading the way here is the innovative online exhibitor overview, in which exhibiting companies can now provide videos, animation sequences, product brochures and the like for download in addition to static information, and they can also incorporate interactive content or their social media presence. What’s more, companies can add multiple contacts for different target groups to ensure that the right people are brought together at the stand. It will also be much easier for visitors to plan the route to the stands they are interested in visiting. They can plan their own specific topic-based tours using a new function in the online exhibitor overview, enabling them to perfectly arrange their visit to the exhibition in advance. These self-guided tours are managed by means of numerous filter options, which will take visitors to exhibits and applications at stands showcasing the various highlight topics. The exhibition is also pursuing a digital coursewhen it comes to presentations too. For example, presentations covering different topics each day will be held in the Trend Lounge in the ICS foyer, and their content will be recorded andmade available on demand once the exhibition has finished. Spotlight topics include additive manufacturing, metal as a material, industrial security, digital networking, climate change and sustainability as well as start-up pitches. During the mav web sessions, which have been launched as a digital addition in the run-up to the exhibition, exhibitor companies have been given the opportunity to showcase the topics they will be presenting. Two of these web sessions are still to come and will be held at the end of June and the beginning of September respectively. They will cover smart cells for flexible machine automation and innovative machining solutions. AMB 2022: Success story to be continued Foto: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH Impressum MESSEJOURNAL DIE MESSE Hannover Messe 2022 Verlag: EXXPO.DIE MESSE GmbH Lavesstraße 79 30159 Hannover Telefon: +49 511 85625-0 Telefax: +49 511 85625-100 E-Mail: verwaltung@die-messe.de Internet: www.die-messe.de Verantwortlich für den Inhalt: Hans-Joachim Nehls H2Eco Award Der H2Eco Award wird in diesem Jahr erstmals vom Deutschen Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (DWV) und der Deutschen Messe AG ausgeschrieben. Technische Innovationskraf t, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Unternehmertum sowie der Beitrag zum Klimaschutz stehen im Vordergrund. H2Eco steht für eine Wasserstof f-Marktwir tschaf t, die nach den Grundsätzen der Wirtschaftlichkeit und im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit funktioniert. International meeting point Foto: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH