•••2••• Messewelten Facing the challenges Property sector to discuss current problems at Expo Real A t Expo Real, real estate ex- perts will be discussing just what impacts factors such as the low oil price, the Greek crisis and the current refugee problem are having on the property business and how the sector is dealing with them. The opening event in the confer- ence program on Monday, Octo- ber 5, starting at 11:00 in the Expo Real Forum, tackles the question: “Big swings in oil prices and ex- change rates: How do external factors impact on the property sector?” Demographic change Another challenge to the proper- ty sector is demographic change and the new demands this is plac- ing on the industry. This is also a theme at Expo Real: On October 6, starting at 10:00 in the Spe- cial Real Estate Forum, experts will be discussing “Changing de- mographics and the challenges faced by the housing sector”, and “Healthcare real estate”, the lat- ter growing in importance in view of an ageing population and offer- ing potential as a “booming asset category for international inves- tors in local markets”. “Africa is the newAsia” A particular highlight comes on Tuesday, October 6, at 14:00 in the Investement Locations Fo- rum: For the first time there will be a series of talks on sub-Saha- ran Africa. This economic region is seen as offering great poten- tial in the coming years. One who is convinced of that is Christian Hiller von Gaertringen, the author of the book “Afrika ist das neue Asien” (Africa is the new Asia) and the keynote speaker in this series of talks. The economies south of the Sahara are currently turning in the highest growth rates in the world, above all in the cities. And this boom needs property. No other continent has such a high number of urban-development projects as Africa. The urbaniza- tion of Africa therefore is open- ing up new opportunities for the property sector. Broad spectrumof information Whether it’s the growing inter- national scope of Expo Real, or the insights presented on the fu- ture of the industry in the confer- ence program, this “International Trade Fair for Property and Invest- ment” offers all participants a broad spectrum of information and opportunities. Many national and international politicians have announced they will be visiting Expo Real, among them high-ranking delegations from Russia and Japan, and sev- eral mayors and city councillors from the UK. One of the politi- cians from Germany is Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Con- servation, Building and Nuclear Safety, who will be taking part in a panel discussion at the “Alliance Forum: BMUB Workshop strate- gies for low-cost building”, on Tuesday, October 6, at 13:00 in the Expo Real Forum. Real estate experts will be discussing just what impacts factors such as the low oil price or the Greek crisis are having on the property business. Photo: Messe München International Messehighlight