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29 October 2018

Labvolution Award: approaches in lab technology

A new competition is being launched in connection with Labvolution (21–23 May 2019). As of the 2019 staging of Labvolution, the Labvolution Award will be given in recognition of real-world solutions implemented by lab operators to optimize their work.

Photo: Deutsche Messe AGPhoto: Deutsche Messe AG
Labvolution Award is aimed specifically at users from the laboratory sector.
Labvolution, trade fair for laboratory technology, will for the first time next year award prizes for examples of best practice. The newly created Labvolution Award is aimed specifically at users from the laboratory sector, i.e. laboratories, research groups, or deserving individuals. The tagline "Excellence in Lab Optimization" spells it out very clearly: it's all about outstanding improvements that deliver significant benefits for laboratory work and processes.

"The Labvolution Award is not just about the implementation of excellent solutions," says Bernd Heinold, project manager for Labvolution at Deutsche Messe. "It's also about identifying solutions with a proven track record of success. So we are creating a platform here for pioneering projects, and also ensuring that knowledge of best practice is more widely shared." The entry requirements have been deliberately left very open. So prizes can be awarded for processes, procedures and methods, or for technologies, software, design, or management techniques. One important requirement is that any relevant improvement should be fully verifiable. And the concept of "improvement" is itself open to wide interpretation: it may be measured in terms of productivity gains, cost savings, speed, reliability, safety, material usage, energy efficiency, or indeed motivation or employee satisfaction.

Entries for the Labvolution Award will be accepted as from the formal announcement of the competition in October of 2018. An independent jury of experts will select three finalists from all the entries submitted. The first, second and third placements will be announced during Labvolution, which runs from 23 to 25 May 2019 in Hannover, Germany.



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Scientific symposium at Labvolution 2019

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Networked laboratory at Labvolution 2019

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3D Printing conference at Labvolution

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