18 July 2019 
11 March 2019

Anuga 2019 with partner country Paraguay

The selected official partner country at Anuga 2019 is Paraguay. This was confirmed by Koelnmesse and Rediex, which as the investment and export promotion agency within the Paraguayan Ministry for Industry and Commerce promotes the economic development of the country and is responsible for the coordination of the partner country activities.

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH, Sven OttePhoto: Koelnmesse GmbH, Sven Otte
Meat is one of the basic ingredients of the Paraguayan cuisine.
These will be supported by the German-Paraguayan Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Paraguay). Paraguay has already been represented at Anuga several times. In 2017, over 20 companies participated mainly under the aegis of Rediex, which has been responsible for the organisation of the Paraguayan pavilion at Anuga for many years. In addition, the Meat Chamber (Camara Paraguaya de Carnes) participates at each edition in the meat segment at Anuga Meat.

Paraguay has around 7 million inhabitants and is well-known as an agricultural land. Today, the country produces foodstuffs for around 80 million people and can triple these statistics through the implementation of improved technologies and regional planning. Part of Paraguay's agricultural exports are destined for final consumption or for the food industry, whilst another part is processed into feed for livestock, which in turn also contributes to the food market. Besides soya, maize, wheat, manioc, sugar cane and rice, Paraguay's export goods primarily also include bovine meat. For the sectors of beef, maize and soya the country is among the top 10 producers worldwide and at the same time ensures high quality. Due to the positive economic development in the food industry over the past years, numerous modern plants for the production of beverages, starch production, sugar production as well as milk and meat processing have arisen.

Meat is one of the basic ingredients of the Paraguayan cuisine. The specialities also include chipas (bread of corn, starch, cheese and eggs), sopa Paraguaya (casserole made of ground corn, cheese, eggs and onions), soo-yosopy (soup made of minced meat, onions and spices), parilladas (grilled meat), bori-bori (chicken soup with corn dumplings) or tortillas made of manioc. The national beverage is tereré, a cold mate tea (ilex paraguayensis) which is frequently prepared with several kinds of herbs.

As the partner country of Anuga 2019 Paraguay will attract special attention so that the products and specialities of the country will be under stronger focus among the trade visitors and media.



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Next date of the fair Anuga: 05/10/2019 - 09/10/2019

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