10 July 2020 
20 June 2018

The smarter E Europe: Inverters control heating and stabilise grids

Inverters have become all-rounders, used not just for converting direct current into alternating current but for analyzing and controlling PV installations as well as solar batteries, power-to-heat and smart home solutions. Industry professionals can learn more about the trends shaping this future-oriented market at Intersolar Europe.

Photo: Solar Promotion GmbHPhoto: Solar Promotion GmbH
Modern inverters are generating innovative areas of business for manufacturers.
In addition to efficiency currently approaching the 99 per cent mark, inverters are gaining entirely new innovative potential. Digitalization is opening up new fields of use and business models for manufacturers. For example, inverters with an integrated charging function can refuel electric vehicles up to two and a half times faster than traditional charge controllers, while at the same time cutting installation costs. The growing digital capabilities of inverters are also being applied in the heating sector, where they are used to control heating elements for hot water production in boilers and buffer tanks, which can be run on excess solar power. Modern PV and battery inverters even contribute to the stability of the grid. Thanks to their energy management qualities, they can supply power when it is needed.

Seven of the ten leading inverter manufacturers will be represented at Intersolar Europe. For trade visitors, experts and the industry as a whole, Intersolar Europe is thus the ideal meeting point to explore and discuss the development of digitalization in this sector. An up-to-date overview will also be offered by the session “Inverters and Digitalization” at the Intersolar Europe Forum in hall A2 on 21 June. And on 20 June, businesses nominated for the Intersolar Europe AWARD will be presenting their innovative products and solutions in the field of inverters.



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Market overview of charging systems at Power2Drive

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Power2Drive: high-speed charging stations in focus

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ees Europe: From battery systems to sector coupling

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