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19 October 2017

Power2Drive: E-mobility meets the energy industry

E-mobility is an essential cornerstone of the energy transition. When fueled by electricity from renewable sources, electric vehicles represent the climate-friendly mobility solution of the future.

Photo: Solar Promotion GmbHPhoto: Solar Promotion GmbH
Power2Drive Europe offers a comprehensive program that highlights all aspects of e-mobility and charging infrastructure
As a result, close collaboration between the energy and transportation sectors is a driving force on the road to the new energy world. This is precisely where Power2Drive Europe comes in, as the new exhibition for e-mobility and charging technologies. At its premiere from June 20–22, 2018 in Munich, this platform for the future will be dedicated to the interplay between e-mobility and environmentally friendly energy supply. With this premiere, Power2Drive Europe becomes one of four energy exhibitions under the new umbrella brand “The smarter E” for exhibitions and events relating to renewable and smart energy solutions.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with the number of electric cars worldwide passing the two million mark at the end of 2016. By 2030, up to 50 million cars will be on the road, according to an estimate by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). However, this increase in demand for clean mobility solutions cannot be fulfilled by just the vehicles themselves. There is also a need for comprehensive charging infrastructure with a sufficient number of charging stations and technologies in order to make electric charging attractive for users.

Owners of electric vehicles can currently charge their car at over 50,000 charging points in Europe. The latest statistics from the German Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) reveal that Germany alone is home to approximately 10,700 such points. With around a million e-cars predicted to be on the road in Germany by 2020, the industry association forecasts demand for 70,000 public charging points and 7,000 supercharging stations.

E-mobility is also a driving force of the solar industry, where the automotive and energy sectors are closer together than anywhere else. This is precisely where Power2Drive Europe comes in, closing the gap between the energy and transportation sectors. Instead of feeding excess power generated by PV installations into the grid, this power could alternatively be used to charge electric vehicles. Politics must play a role here by promoting the growth of e-mobility by extending development efforts to the field of renewable energies.



More news about "Power2Drive":

10 May 2019

Market overview of charging systems at Power2Drive

The number of electric vehicles around the world rose to 5.6 million last year. The global market grew by 75 percent compared with 2017, and it will continue to accelerate. This is also reflected in the current market overview from the Power2Drive Europe exhibition. (more…)

14 June 2018

Power2Drive: high-speed charging stations in focus

Power2Drive Europe, part of The smarter E Europe, focuses on charging infrastructure and electromobility. Exhibitors will present innovative charging solutions and technologies for use in the e-mobility sector. According to a study conducted by the Technical University of Munich, by 2030 the number of electric vehicles on the road in Germany could climb from currently 130.000 to approximately eight million. (more…)

15 May 2018

Power2Drive Europe Conference celebrates its debut

E-mobility and charging infrastructure are the pillars for clean energy supply in the transportation sector and will thus also be the center at the first Power2Drive Europe in Munich. The exhibition takes place from 20 to 22 June, the conference from 19 to 20 June. (more…)

15 May 2019

The smarter E Europe: New, pioneering use concepts

The combination of solar energy and electric vehicles enables new, pioneering use concepts for private households and companies alike. Even small photovoltaic (PV) systems with only three kilowatts peak provide enough power to drive an electric vehicle thousands of kilometers a year – without harming the environment. (more…)

24 April 2018

ees Europe: From battery systems to sector coupling

Every year the industry's key players gather at ees Europe, Europe's largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, which brings together manufacturers, service providers, project developers, investors, systems integrators and research institutes. (more…)

12 June 2017

Intersolar 2018: New umbrella “The smarter E”

The organizers of Intersolar and ees Europe will bring together four exhibitions dedicated to renewable and intelligent energy solutions under the umbrella of The smarter E. From 2018, The smarter E will cover the topics of renewable energy production, distribution, storage and the intelligent use of energy. (more…)


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