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Winckler new Chief of Information Technology in Frankfurt



Dr. Andreas Winckler (52) has been appointed to the Extended Board of Management of Messe Frankfurt as Chief of Information Technology effective 1 October 2017. This means that he will be taking over at the helm of the Information Management division, previously the responsibility of Dr. Frank Biendara, who left Messe Frankfurt at his own request on 30 September to pursue new professional challenges.

 - New Chief of Information Technology in Frankfurt: Dr. Andreas Winckler
© Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Pietro Sutera
New Chief of Information Technology in Frankfurt: Dr. Andreas Winckler

With the newly created position of Chief of Information Technology on the Extended Board of Management, Messe Frankfurt is stepping up its efforts to digitise business processes, services and products, underlining the strategic relevance of digitisation for the company. As Chief of Information Technology, Dr. Winckler will report to Uwe Behm. Dr. Andreas Winckler, an electrical engineer with a doctorate in information technology, has been with Messe Frankfurt for 14 years. From 1 January 2018, Klaus Reinke will be sole Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt Medien & Service, for which he and Dr. Andreas Winckler were formerly jointly responsible.