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The future of printing in Shanghai



Embracing the theme, “Discover the Future of Printing", the 6th All in Print China highlighted the importance of innovation, upgrading, integration and development in the printing industry.

 - In Shanghai, All in Print attracted 76,818 visitors, an increase of 24.2 per cent from 2014.
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In Shanghai, All in Print attracted 76,818 visitors, an increase of 24.2 per cent from 2014.

All in Print China 2016’s grand scale featured an exhibition area of 80,000 square metres to host 724 exhibitors - the largest number in the show’s history - coming from countries and regions from across the world. It has become a window through which visitors worldwide can follow the latest development trends of the global printing industry. During the five-day exhibition, All in Print China 2016 was consistently trafficked with domestic and international visitors, totaling as high as 76,818, an increase of 24.2 per cent from 2014.

The total number of person-times reached 109,710 – setting a new record as well. The fair embraced more than 100 domestic associations and enterprise groups, and received above 45 overseas buyer groups from more than 20 countries including the US, Germany, South Korea, Australia, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. It was highly praised by exhibitors for its visitor traffic and overseas buyers; for its visitor quality and its expertise.

Seven theme pavilions

All in Print China 2016 employed five indoor and six outdoor halls to cover a total of seven themes: digital pre-printing, integrated printing, package post-printing, label industry and flexography, as well as two featured themes developed with the latest technologies and frontier fields in mind: Innovative Materials Pavilion and Innovation Factory. In the field of digital printing, many international and domestic brands showcased their latest products and solutions. Various exhibitors featured solutions targeting book printing, commercial document printing, packaging, label and large-format ink jet, covering most market segments.

"Full waste removal"

Adapting to the developments in digital printing in depth and breath, numerous digital post-printing technologies have attracted attention. At All in Print China 2016, flexography and package post-printing technology also grabbed visitors’ attention. In the package post-printing field, “full waste removal” has become an innovative focus while die-cutting automation has seen further improvements. ‘Going Green’ is always a goal in the development of printing technologies. No matter it’s offset printing, digital printing, flexography, pre-printing or post-printing process, both international and domestic brands have always strictly adhered to the concepts of energy saving, consumption reduction, green development and environmental protection. Raw materials suppliers, as the source of consumables for printing, have also increased their R&D of green products. At All in Print China 2016, the printing ink-type enterprises launched their latest R&D products to add a feel of ‘green ’to the fair.

Future printing technologies

The independent exhibition of technologies and products have further highlighted the themes and trends in the industry to create a multi-perspective integrated exhibition of printing innovations. The Innovation Factory, in particular, provided an intensive exhibition of future printing technologies, consisting of five segments, “Future of Printing”, “Network Printing”, “Innovative Application”, “Green Printing” and “Printing Culture, ”providing a centralized display of the latest and most popular upcoming technologies and applications. It’s ample exhibition area (1,500 square metres), prominent position (N1 entrance), colorful booth design, a rich collection of 30 printing & packaging solutions alongside 22 informative speeches, it became the focus on the first day of the fair.
More than 60 printing forums

More than 60 printing forums, technical seminars and news conferences were held during All in Print China 2016 (based on current data) and provided numerous opportunities of information and idea exchange for visitors. On Oct. 16, the 14th Cross-strait Printing Industry Exchange Conference & Silk Road Printing Development Forum 2016 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference 2016 were successfully held. On Oct. 17, “China Printing Forum 2016 & 16th Asia-Pacific Printing Forum”, the main forum of All in Print China 2016, gathered experts from various printing industry organizations of China, US, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, India, Philippines and other Asia-Pacific regions. The international representatives offered comprehensive international visions and innovative ideas for visitors from all over the world.

"Cognititve Printing"

On Oct. 18, the Third (enlarged) Council Meeting of the Second Information System Application Branch of the Printing Technology Association of China (PTAC) & “Cognitive Printing· Intelligent Future” took place, facilitating in-depth discussions and exchanges around topics of “intelligent manufacture of printing”, “Internet + printing”, and “intelligent products (packaging and publication)”. The 1st Asia Jet Printing Forum 2016 &“JHF Cup” Asia Jet Printing Grand Prix focused on the large-format ink jet arena, inviting many top-end experts and suppliers to discuss new technologies, ideas and direction of the jet printing industry. On the afternoon of Oct. 18, the Catalog of Green Raw &Auxiliary Materials 2016 Edition was formally launched with over 200 people in attendance, including the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China (SAPPRFT), the leaders of various provincial, municipal and district printing associations, the representatives of printing enterprises, raw and auxiliary suppliers, dealers, and e-commerce platforms and media. The 7th All in Print China will take place in 2018.