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Strong accompanying program at LogiMAT



LogiMAT - the 15th "International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow" - is setting new standards in communicating the latest trends, new technologies, proven solutions, and promising investments through its accompanying program.

 - Strong accompanying program at LogiMAT 2017.
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Strong accompanying program at LogiMAT 2017.

LogiMAT’s accompanying program, with its slate of distinguished presenters, has been a key success factor for the “International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow” since its debut in 2003. LogiMAT soon integrated the added value of conference-level professional seminars as a standard feature of such events, establishing itself as a pioneer of innovative solutions not only for the technologies on display but for the very concept of a trade show. “Thanks to our industry-wide accompanying program, the interdisciplinary presentation and discussion of current trends and the sharing of helpful tips for day-to-day business were hallmarks of LogiMAT from the very beginning,” explains event director Peter Kazander, Managing Director of EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH in Munich. “This concept represented something entirely new and was a key factor in the success of LogiMAT.”

Just as core intralogistics technologies were evolving and the role of professional development was growing, the event’s directors were able to recruit more distinguished speakers each year from the business and academic communities and from trade associations to nurture this critical aspect of LogiMAT, Kazander remembers. “With this positive feedback, we manage to put together an accompanying program each year for LogiMAT that covers a broad, cross-industry spectrum – and, with our prestigious speakers, provide industry professionals with a unique added value,” Kazander adds. “All without increasing the price of admission to the trade show.”

LogiMAT 2017 – the 15th “International Trade Show for Distribution, Materials Handling, and Information Flow” – continues with tradition by setting new standards with its accompanying program. LogiMAT 2017 once again covers the entire spectrum of current trends with a total of 34 information events – including 31 expert forums featuring more than 100 speakers in Halls 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 as well as a series of three live events – plus a full program of exhibitor presentations at the “Innovation Forum.”

The result is an unprecedented overview of available products and a forward-looking vision of the future of intralogistics. The themes of the expert forums alone cover the entire spectrum of current and long-term trends and technological approaches: Auto-ID and the basic technologies of RFID and barcodes as Industry 4.0 enablers, the role of intralogistics apps in Industry 4.0, new uses for driverless transport systems (DTS), business concepts for complex automation plans and warehouse robotics, assessing the costs and benefits of lithium-ion forklifts, cutting warehouse operating costs, the challenges of Industry 4.0 for smaller businesses, and the latest Logistics 4.0 research.