SETA 2018: Consolidated Innovative Energy Technology



Riding upon consecutive waves of success since its inception in 2016, SETA 2018 (Sustainable Energy Technology Asia) again promises to be a strong and significant platform to address the trends, issues and challenges in the realm of Sustainable Energy and Technology.

 - Bangkok will be hosting SETA 2018.
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Bangkok will be hosting SETA 2018.

The fact that SETA it is organized in Thailand – at the hub of ASEAN and Asia Pacific – further underlines its importance and timeliness. The region of Asia Pacific – comprising the mature economies of ASEAN, the emerging players of the CLMV cluster (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam), and most significantly the mammoth markets of China, India and Thailand – ranks the highest in global energy consumption. Accelerated by rapid city development, industrialisation, evolving demographics, and committed to the universal campaign on climate change, the region is poised to explore revolutionary energy solutions that are secure, cost effective and efficient.

The four main topics at SETA 2018 will be:

  • Innovative energy technologies
  • Novel energy storage technologies
  • Regional interconnectivity: Power grid, oil and gas pipelines, rail and road links
  • Smart urbanization

SETA 2018 is themed “Towards Consolidated Innovative Energy Technology” primarily to focus on the need for innovative leading edge technologies that will meet the imminent change toward sustainable energy, and practical solutions that can point the way for the public and private sectors to work together successful implementation. To set the direction and content of this landmark event, SETA 2018 will kick off with a high level CEO Energy Forum – where policy and decision-makers will share their outlooks on strategic energy policy and planning, whilst industry icons will talk about the foreseeable dynamics of the energy industry in the near future.

Taking centre-stage is the three-day SETA multi-stream conference that will see energy industry leaders expound on the state of the art expertise and technology that support the energy mix trend in particular innovative Renewable Energy solutions that would bridge the full spectrum of energy production, distribution and consumption: in the key infrastructures of transportation, industry and city planning. SETA 2018 is held from 21 – 23 March 2018 at Hall E103-104, The Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).