R+T: Be on the safe side with roller shutters and doors



At R+T in Stuttgart from 27 February to 3 March 2018, specialist visitors will discover numerous solutions for the all-round protection of buildings. In addition, the framework programme will offer expert know-how at first hand.

 - Anti-lift devices, stable armour plating and reinforced guide rails ensure all-round building security
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Anti-lift devices, stable armour plating and reinforced guide rails ensure all-round building security

Building elements such as roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems will play an important part, in particular with regard to automatic drives and control. This means high requirements regarding operational and electrical safety, which must go hand in hand with the desired application. For this reason, the ift special show "Komfort + Sicherheit" (comfort + safety) will also be a feature at R+T 2018 in Stuttgart. In the new Paul Horn Halle (Hall 10) it will be highlighted what doors and gates and their components can and must do today, how demands can be analysed and how quality can be assured. This will be complemented by a presentation forum organised jointly with the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers (BVT). By means of anti-lift devices, stable armour plating, and reinforced guide rails, roller shutters provide effective protection against attempted burglary.

Specialist visitors to R+T 2018 in Stuttgart can look forward to the presentation of many products in which the safety and security aspects have been fully considered, but the function and design have nevertheless not been pushed into the background. In 2015 exactly 888 exhibitors (2012: 816) from all corners of the world presented their products and services in Stuttgart. In addition to the major exhibitor countries, which include Italy, France and the Netherlands, the trade fair also recorded growth in 2015 from countries who were not previously represented at R+T – for example Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Romania. The 59,057 visitors also came from all over the world: They travelled from 131 countries. Overall, 54 per cent of visitors came from abroad, 79 per cent of whom from Europe. On average they spent two days discovering the innovations and trends at R+T in detail.