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Photonics in the medical progress



The trade fair LASER World of PHOTONICS, from June 26 to 29, 2017 in Munich is awaiting more than 1,250 exhibitors to present visitors their ideas for the future of optical technologies.

 - Optical technology innovations at the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017
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Optical technology innovations at the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

It is considered to be a key industry for the 21st-century. Photonics paves the way for modern communication as it does for medical progress. It allows machines to feel and robots to see. It affords astronomers the most profound insights into the origins of the universe and provides biologists with live images from within living cells. Photonics has now become a driver of progress in all areas of human life. Light possesses unimagined leverage—that is far from having been exhausted.

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO, Messe München GmbH: “LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017 will showcase a wealth of optical technology innovations and enhancements. Whether we are talking about components, systems or applications: Munich is the meeting place for the most important players from the worlds of industry and research and the user industries. The combination of trade fair and congress is a magnet for ever more trade visitors and decision-makers from around the world who find solutions here for their scientific and industrial questions.”

Photonics industry on course
According to market forecasts, the photonics industry will increase its global sales in this current decade from 350 billion to 615 billion euros, states the organiser. What is driving this is the increasing need for sensors, imaging systems and highly accurate laser systems in the networked, largely automated production processes of Industry 4.0. The development of (partially) autonomous vehicles and rising traffic safety levels also presupposes the massive use of environmental sensors and ever more intelligent light. The latter is only one of the growth drivers in the lighting industry, in which LED and OLED technology will tap further potential.  

Photonics 4.0 and additive manufacturing
With its focus on sensors, laser material processing, imaging and additive manufacturing LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017 is targeting dynamic growth areas in which optical technologies provide a clear boost to productivity and process reliability. Together with cameras, which themselves detect the most minute defects in high-speed processes, the flexible, precisely controllable tool that is light, together with contactless optical measuring technology, underpins self-correcting production processes in Industry 4.0. The LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017 spotlight will also be on additive manufacturing.

The Bio-photonics is yet another trade fair highlight: ultrahigh resolution imaging, ever more accurate spectroscopy and laser systems are enabling doctors, biologists and chemists, but also pharmaceuticals and materials researchers as well, systematically to advance the boundaries of knowledge. Patients benefit in the form of improved diagnostics, therapies and less invasive operating procedures, in which surgeons work with lasers instead of scalpels and look deep into organs or blood vessels, without having to open the body in the process.

After the successful premiere of STARTUP World in 2015, LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017 will once again provide a communication platform for young entrepreneurs.

World of Photonics Congress
Right next door, leading researchers and industrial practitioners will be meeting for a technical dialog at the World of Photonics Congress 2017. Many a technology, now in use, was initially unveiled and discussed at World of Photonics Congress, which takes place in parallel with the trade fair in the ICM—International Congress Center Munich. June 2017 will again see the scientific elite of the photonics world converging on Munich. Five conferences will be taking place.

Application panels
The practical lectures in the exhibition halls will again add value for trade fair visitors. The topics: Industrial Laser Applications, Optical Metrology and Imaging, Biophotonics and Medical Applications, Lasers and Optics.