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Permanent smartLAB in Hannover



When LABVOLUTION ended in May of this year, smartLAB was moved just a few hundred meters to the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy, where it stands now - fully assembled and fully operational - in Pavilion 36 at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

 - The smartLAB in May 2017: a new hotspot in Hannover.
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The smartLAB in May 2017: a new hotspot in Hannover.

When a trade fair is over, normally exhibits and special displays get carefully packed up and stored away until needed for the next show. This is not the case with smartLAB – the intelligent laboratory of the future. In Pavilion 36 at the Hannover Exhibition Center, it has been attracting delegations from Germany and abroad on a regular basis, treating them to a visionary look at an automated and digitally connected science lab.

Staged for the second time in May of 2017, the smartLAB proved a major visitor attraction at LABVOLUTION as Europe’s flagship trade fair for innovative lab equipment and the optimization of laboratory workflows. Fourteen firms and institutions from science and industry had joined forces once again to design a fully functional, intelligent laboratory of the future. The project was, and remains, under the direction of the Institute for Industrial Chemistry (TCI) at Hannover’s Leibniz University.

In principle, it is open to anyone to visit the smartLAB and organize events there. The smartLAB is right next to the Robotation Academy Technology Park, where more than twenty leading manufacturers of robots, automation systems and Industry 4.0 showcase their work and likewise stage year-round events for visitors. All the robots and production lines here are fully operational.

While the smartLAB is now available for viewing on a daily basis, plans are already being made behind the scenes about how to best present the "Laboratory of the Future" project at the next LABVOLUTION, which runs from 21 to 23 May 2019 in Hannover. For this much is clear: The question of how the laboratory of the future might look in five or ten years’ time will still be as topical as ever in 2019.