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Organizer to focus on Medtec Europe for 2018



The fair organizer UBM pushes its strategy to establish Medtec Europe as one preeminent, stand alone, European-focused, medical technology platform by deciding to integrate Medtec Ireland and Medtec Europe.

 - In Stuttgart, the Medtec Europe will take place on 17 to 19 April 2018.
© Messe Stuttgart
In Stuttgart, the Medtec Europe will take place on 17 to 19 April 2018.

This approach bases on a long-term plan to integrate all domestic European events into one main event covering the whole of the European market, providing both exhibitors and visitors with a stronger commercial proposition. This strategic move will provide even more networking opportunities for the medical technology industry across Europe, combined with a strong offering of content during the event and across the whole year, the organizer states.

According to UBM this up-tiering approach has been successfully used before with Medtec UK, Medtec France, and Medtec Italy, resulting in an average increase in visitor numbers from these markets at Medtec Europe of 22.5 %; furthermore, there has been increased interest and attendance at Medtec Europe by Irish visitors, making the focus on Medtec Europe in line with industry trends.

Medtec Europe 2018 will bring together leading experts, buyers and sellers from across the medical technology industry, with companies from the UK and Ireland receiving special visibility with a dedicated pavilion. Anne Schumacher, Brand Director, Medtec: “We’ve seen continued interest from Irish visitors to Medtec Europe and, as a valued partner for our customers, it was a natural step to consolidate our activities and meet the needs and aspiration for a true, European event. Making Medtec Europe the prime location for the medical technology industry will ensure that our partners in Ireland and across Europe have opportunities to reach into bigger networks while providing an attractive value proposition. With increased visitors from across markets, Medtec Europe will facilitate collaboration and commercialisation opportunities that will drive the medical technology industry forward.”

Medtec Europe 2018 will take place in Stuttgart on 17 to 19 April 2018. As one of the most exciting sectors of the Industry, one key element of Medtec Europe 2018 will be Smart Health innovations.