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New nutrition trends at FIBO 2017



How do you boost fat burning? What makes muscles grow more effectively? Nutritional supplements and personalised nutrition concepts rank high on the agenda of fitness freaks. This trend is also reflected at FIBO 2017 from 6 to 9 April in Cologne.

 - Powerful and tasty: From 6 to 9 April, FIBO 2017 presents and explains the latest nutrition trends.
Powerful and tasty: From 6 to 9 April, FIBO 2017 presents and explains the latest nutrition trends.

At the world’s biggest trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, 120 of the about 1,000 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and the USA will present nutrition innovations. For the first time trade visitors will be able to also find out about the correct use of supplements at the FIBO Nutrition Retailer Workshop.

Popular products

In terms of taste nutrition manufacturers are increasingly orienting themselves towards popular products – along the lines of “products not only have to do you good but also taste nice.” The latest craze are exercise-supporting supplements and figure boosters with a nut nougat cream or apple strudel flavour. Even pizza – well-loved the world over – now comes as a protein version for low-carb diets and muscle build-up.

Vegan nutritional supplements

Whether it is for muscle building or fat burning – more and more often manufacturers are replacing animal protein with vegetable protein made from soya, rice, peas or hemp. An exhibitor offers vegan protein-fruit-bars as well as a vegan protein powder in organic quality at FIBO. Those going for a diet without animal products no longer have to forego that extra-boost for muscles and figure shaping.

Nutrition – a high-potential FIBO theme

Almost one in three physically active people in Germany considers fitness products an ideal complement for classical exercise, according to a current survey by statista. Isotonic sports beverages proved most popular: 29 per cent of sportspeople use them, followed by protein shakes and drinks (27 per cent) and energy bars (25per cent). Despite the avid interest taken in nutritional supplements selling supplements is still considered a side line for many fitness clubs.

This means that convincing nutrition ranges can also open up new sales opportunities for fitness clubs and help win over and retain members – provided that all staff in contact with customers boast the specialist knowledge and great consulting expertise. And this is precisely what the FIBO Nutrition Retailer Workshop is all about, which will celebrate its debut in 2017.

1st FIBO Nutrition Retailer Workshop: know-how for pros

“Many club employees would like to have targeted information on supplements,” says FIBO boss Ralph Scholz with reference to the growing market, which produces new products almost on a daily basis, and goes on to say: “All big names and new brands can be found at FIBO – so it made sense to pool this know-how in a workshop and share it with trade visitors.”

At the FIBO Nutrition Retailer Workshop studio staff and instructors learn, among other things, which products are best suited for power training, which for endurance training, and which nutritional supplements make sense for supporting the body’s mineral balance. Furthermore, the ideal point in time for taking supplements will be discussed: before, during or after exercise.

The 1st FIBO Nutrition Retailer Workshop will be held on the two trade visitor days (6 and 7 April 2017) from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm at the Trendforum in Hall 5.2. The lectures are free and target fitness trainers, club operators, counter staff, specialist sports retailers and retailers. Participants can discuss with speakers after the talks and deepen their insights over a snack lunch.