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MTA2017 propelled a digitalised manufacturing sector



Showcases that brought technologies like 3D printing, automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and robotics to light were well-received at MTA2017. Asia’s premier manufacturing technology industry event concluded at Friday April 7th at the Singapore Expo.

 - MTA Asia 2017 took place 4 - 7 April at Singapore Expo
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MTA Asia 2017 took place 4 - 7 April at Singapore Expo

The 300-exhibitor event provided a useful platform for companies to conduct business, and tap into the talent and experience from the industry community. Through participating in MTA2017, companies will emerge more agile in adjusting to shifting economic and industry landscapes, and better positioned for business growth in a digitalised future.

MTA2017 underlined how Industry 4.0 technologies can be implemented. At the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion and Smart Manufacturing Asia conference, exhibitors and speakers imparted deep insights and conducted live demonstrations, which enabled attendees to visualise how digitalisation will enhance their processes, operations and services.

The Smart Manufacturing Asia 2017 conference gathered more than 30 industry thought leaders and experts who provided deep insights and topical case studies on Industry 4.0, IIoT, augmented reality and robotics.

3D Printing was a big focus at MTA2017. From show floor exhibits to technology tours and interactive seminars, visitors saw a wide array of industrial applications and innovative concepts across industries from aerospace to medical technology.

Exciting robot demonstrations

The show floor buzzed with excitement as several exhibitors held regular demonstrations of their robots. There is a growing demand for industrial robots that can perform extremely high precision tasks in Singapore and SE Asia, as well as for robots that can perform at greater speeds to enhance productivity. MTA provides a good platform to bring the latest in innovative technologies from the region and to network with the manufacturing industry.

MTA2017 drew more than 10,000 attendees from 43 countries/regions, including exhibiting staff, trade visitors, conference delegates and speakers, and members of the press. This includes 13 group delegations from Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

MTA2018 will be 16 - 19 May 2018 in Bangkog.