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Mobile and secure: Visitor data management in Nuremburg



Trade fair visitors mainly purchase tickets online or through their mobile end-devices. They expect intuitive and secure handling of their data along with uncomplicated and friendly admission at the event. NürnbergMesse is therefore introducing the next generation of visitor data management.

 - New ticketing and visitor registration system for uncomplicated admission - Speedy with pass book at BrauBeviale 2016.
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New ticketing and visitor registration system for uncomplicated admission - Speedy with pass book at BrauBeviale 2016.

These central services are now being bundled by NürnbergMesse through the ADITUS ticketing and visitor registration system. For Claus Rättich, Divisional Manager for Marketing & Communication at NürnbergMesse, this is an important new step: "Our visitors come to us to make the best possible use of their time at the respective trade fair. All those services, which contribute an innovative value-added in this process, are warmly welcome. The cooperation with ADITUS will no doubt take us to the next service level and thus make the respective fair participation in Nuremberg even more pleasant and efficient." This assessment is also shared by ADITUS Managing Director, Marc Luzoff: "We are proud that we have been able to convince NürnbergMesse through our performance and are looking forward to the cooperation. We wish to apply our innovations in the ticketing sector in order to offer the visitor greater convenience and the exhibitor more contact-making opportunities."

Highest data security standards

In recent months, the registration and ticketing system from Niedersachsen has been repeatedly used and tested at events at the Nuremberg exhibition centre. In order to guarantee the greatest degree of flexibility in this connection, all the processes are being consistently geared to mobile and client-compatible application: the shops and portals for visitors and exhibitors, but also for other business partners such as international representative offices, the check-out/POS systems and of course, not least the admission control system itself. In future, storing the visitors’ data will be handled in a data centre operated by noris network AG: As a result, NürnbergMesse is guaranteeing compliance with the highest data security standards and can also guarantee client compatibility with clear data separation for guest event organizers.

Numerous additional services

The new system from ADITUS guarantees not only a smooth and data protection-compliant ticketing registration process. On the contrary, in future it will also be used to activate numerous additional services - from invitation management for exhibitors up to marketing management for the exhibition organizers. For Claus Rättich this is the next important step – especially from the customer's point of view: "ADITUS has impressed us with practically-proven components and sector know-how. In the next phase, we are now creating new digital services for visitors and exhibitors and, at the same time, reducing the complexity of our system landscape: as a result, we will in future also clearly increase the quality of dialogue between exhibitors and visitors." The fact that the aim of a pleasant and, at the same time, efficient fair visit has also been achieved for NürnbergMesse’s customers, is shown by the results of the trade fairs and exhibitions held in recent months: around 300,000 trade visitors have so far made use of the system in Nuremberg. And in almost all the customer surveys conducted by an independent market research institute, the new ticketing solution received top ratings.