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Medical engineering in India



There are not many industries that have displayed so much steady growth as the medical engineering sector. Companies wanting to benefit from this development will find that at MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017.

 - New-Delhi will be the place, where the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 will be held.
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New-Delhi will be the place, where the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 will be held.

The trade fair focuses, among other things, on medical devices and engineering, technology, equipment and furnishings for hospitals and health centres and also on mobile health solutions and health IT, an area which is currently attracting considerable attention throughout the world.

Year on year, the trade fair alternates between two venues: New Delhi and Mumbai. Both exhibitors’ registrations and the planning of content are currently in full swing for MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017, scheduled to take place at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre from 6 to 8 April. “The Indian market is characterised by a highly diversified demand structure. There is a need for basic care products, equipment and facilities, especially in rural areas, but also for high-tech solutions for top clinics in India’s major cities,” says Horst Giesen, Global Portfolio Director of Healthcare & Medical Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf, when asked why there are such good business prospects in all areas. From the supplier’s perspective, it should be particularly interesting that nearly 90 per cent of medical products and engineering can be found in the innovation-focused, privately financed health sector.

Following on from the record levels of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA in 2015 (New Delhi) and 2016 (Mumbai), the 2017 event is expected to feature over 500 exhibitors from around 20 countries, including a large joint exhibition space of European exhibitors.

The focal areas of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA are intended for decision-makers in the medical field (e.g. doctors and healthcare professionals) as well as senior management at hospitals. However, it should also be of interest to architects, building planners, management consultants and those in research and development, as was impressively confirmed by the steady increase in visitors over the past few years. The last event alone attracted over 10,000 visitors in all.