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Innovative model engineering



With its unique atmosphere, the popular modelling event "Faszination Modellbau" will take place from 28th to 30th October 2016 in Friedrichshafen.

 - Droids at the "Faszination Modellbau" in Oktober 2016
© Bernd Pentrop
Droids at the "Faszination Modellbau" in Oktober 2016

The Faszination Modellbau opens its gates once again to the vast model engineering community, all the fans and lovers of miniature vehicles - on land, on water, in the air - and in outer space. From 28th to 30th October 2016 the unique atmosphere of the popular modelling event on Lake Constance sets many a pulse racing.

Curious flying objects swooping through the air, RC engines rumbling and purring, jet aircraft roaring into action, snow ploughs dancing solo or synchronically, while the cacophony of railway engines is music to the ears. It's show time for all the little replicas of real-life machines and vehicles - with premieres, contests and hands-on activities wherever you look. At the 15th Fascination Modellbau around 400 exhibitors from 15 countries present their fascinating repertoire from all fields of model engineering in Friedrichshafen.

R2D2 and BB8 part of the show

The Carrera Challenge Tour 2016 shows the best Carreraristi from Germany and Austria compete in the 5th round of the tour at Faszination Modellbau.  

At one exhibition stand, members of the German "R2 Builder Club" (from “Star Wars”) – all of them experts in constructing astromech droids - will be showing a hands-on approach to functional model making. How do you design and build a life-size remote-controlled R2D2 or BB8? These are exactly the questions that can be answered by the droid constructors, especially concerning the moulding and printing of parts in 3D format and their use as construction elements. They show how anyone has the possibility to make their very own fully functioning astromech droid. And guess what? R2D2 so enjoyed his last visit to Faszination Modellbau that this year he is bringing his space buddy BB8 with him!  

"Stars of the Year"  

The air show "Stars of the Year" is an absolute highlight of the fair and at the same time the end-of-season event for the aeromodelling community. So pilots will be keen to build up a store of adrenaline for the long winter break as they perform dizzying loops, perfectly co-ordinated formation flight and elaborate manoeuvres with their true-to-scale replicas, accompanied by the applause of an enthusiastic audience and set against the backdrop of the real Friedrichshafen Airport on Lake Constance.

Indoor Flight Show  

There is a very special atmosphere in the West Foyer of the Friedrichshafen Fairground during Faszination Modellbau: If you look up don't be surprised to see sheep flying around, solitary bedsteads sail dreamily alongside the netting, as well as manned paragliders, while aeroplanes spiral round and round under the ceiling and come to land just as elegantly on the ground. This delightful indoor action show is very popular, especially with children, with music and a light show to match the artistic 'flying circus'. On the 30 x 30 meter wide and 13 meter high indoor flight area of Faszination Modellbau the flight captains of all the creative home-built models, RC slow flyers and RC electric flight models spend three days doing just one thing: their very best.

Model railways  

Model railways at Faszination Modellbau are a magical meeting place for die-hard railway modellers as well as for inquisitive spectators and families with children. That's why this year two exhibition halls - A2 and A3 - are devoted to this sector, presenting railway modelling, steam model railways and model railway layouts in all prevalent track gauges.  

Junior College Europa 

Every year at Faszination Modellbau the German railway society BDEF, in cooperation with many of the large model railway manufacturers, plays an important role in conveying the fascination and diversity of railway modelling. The program is designed and organized primarily for children and young people. And it works very well: the community of young European railway modellers is constantly growing.

Man and machine

Engines are driven to their limits, jeeps cross creaking rickety bridges, fully loaded trucks are manoeuvred through narrow streets - Faszination Modellbau offers plenty of variety and challenge for driver and vehicle. On an imaginatively designed layout in Hall A4 planted with cress, modelled with mounds of earth, roads and dirt tracks, truck modellers celebrate their Truck Model Festival on courses in scales 1:8, 1:12 and 1:16, as well as a children's truck layout.  

On land, on water and in the air 

The wealth of ideas and the creative diversity of model engineering make up the elixir that attracts an enthusiastic audience to Friedrichshafen Fairground every year. It is the mixture of recurring top events like the German Open RC Car Masters with their perilous manoeuvres on the racetrack, or the hilarious jet ski races on the 400 square metre water pool, paired with brilliant classic events such as historical submarines, constructed with minute attention to detail, cutting elegantly through the waves with their periscopes extended, or the latest modelling hype micro-pulling, that makes Faszination Modellbau so special. 

Learning with fun 

With many hands-on activities Faszination Modellbau really does enable live experience of model engineering. Exhibitors provide visitors with a wide variety of creative pursuits and take them on a thrilling journey through the various sectors of modelling. Maybe you have always wanted to drive a remote controlled car, or steer a powerboat? Then this is the place to be.

And very important: The first day of the fair, Friday 28th October 2016, will again be "Project day for school pupils and kindergarten" with numerous hands-on activities for groups and classes. Admission for pupils and teachers is free. The organizers and the exhibitors attach great importance to inviting the young generation to discover and try out modelling. Details are available on the web.