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FoodTech Barcelona with a wider offer



For yet another year, FoodTech Barcelona is set to showcase the latest food industry solutions and innovations, focusing on all aspects of food production from ingredients to the manufacturing process, including packaging and arrival at the point of sale. Fira de Barcelona is set to host this Spanish benchmark event from 8-11 May 2018.

 - In Barcelona, FoodTech will take place from 8-11 May 2018.
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In Barcelona, FoodTech will take place from 8-11 May 2018.

As in previous years, FoodTech Barcelona will coincide with the Hispack International Packaging Exhibition. It will also include new sectors and businesses connected with sustainability, innovation and the Internet of Things as applied to the food industry. The three exhibitions making up FoodTech Barcelona 2018, each showcasing a different sector, will all have a more extensive offer than before.
Tecno Cárnica will display different solutions ranging from technology and equipment for abattoirs and cutting plants to finished product presentation, including industrial cooling processes and hygiene and safety systems. The Food Technology area will feature the latest innovations in technology systems for improving food manufacturing processes, taking into account aspects such as traceability, quality control systems, safety, environmental protection and industrial cooling. TecnoIngredientes will host state-of-the-art developments in additives, flavouring, food enrichers and intermediate products. ‘In 2018 this sector is expected to see an increase in the number of companies attending, encouraged by its good performance, with a turnover of more than 400 million euros a year', says Susana Gibert, the exhibition's director.