Sonntag, 18. März 2018

ENEX 2018: Packed with energy and ecology



Power engineering, photovoltaics, heat pumps - these are just some of the themes of the 22nd International Power Industry Fair ENEX and the 17th Renewable Energy Sources Expo ENEX New Energy.

 - End of February, the Polish energy industry is meeting in Kielce.
© Targi Kielce
End of February, the Polish energy industry is meeting in Kielce.

Every year the ENEX events have attracted an always increasing number of exhibitors and visitors will returns to Targi Kielce Exhibition & Congress Centre in Poland from 28 February – 1 March 2018. The ENEX and ENEX New Energy expo ought to become a permanent fixture in the calendars of all those interested in the energy and power engineering business sector. The exhibitor’s list includes companies, which specialise in production and distribution of appliances and equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution. The display will be enhanced with a whole array of energy-generation systems and equipment. Solar, hydro and biofuels related technologies will also take centre stage at the expo. This year's expo edition will be held under the banner of the ecological heating. This is strictly connected to air pollution in our country, especially in winter periods. New models of heating boilers that meet the increasingly stringent ecological standards will be in the limelight of the event.

Enex expo means much more than 144 companies, 4,700 metres of exhibition space and 2,400 visitors. First and foremost the expo offers a rich and diversified programme of conferences and meetings – the energy business-insiders cannot possibly miss the event. 2018's includes the GLOBEnergia's Energy One-Stop-Shop as well as RES industry meetings. The annual Energy One-Stop-Shop's main idea is to present a comprehensive offer of energy-saving systems. As the name suggests, this is a central presentation platform and a meeting point for experts that represent various RES technologies and solutions (Renewable Energy Sytems). The organisers - the GLOBEnergia invites the expo guests to join the Heat Pumps and Heating Technology Forum and the National Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Storage Forum SOLAR +. The Heat Pump Forum is the discussion arena for cost analysis of various heat pumps systems, finance provision for energy-saving investments. The Solar Energy Forum organisers encourage visitors to become familiar with the issues related to the use of photovoltaic technologies in heating, optimization of inverters in a PV installation and many other. The Photovoltaic Industry Association, PV Poland has granted its honorary patronage to the event.