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Domotex asia/Chinafloor: Breaking down the barriers



For the second year in a row, Domotex asia/Chinafloor will host a delegation of leading North American distributors to meet with suppliers from China and Asia. The trade fair will take place March 21-23, 2017, in Shanghai, China.

 - In Shanghai, China, Domotex asia/Chinafloor will take place on 21-23 March, 2017.
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In Shanghai, China, Domotex asia/Chinafloor will take place on 21-23 March, 2017.

The week-long event will include guided factory tours and previews of product and new emerging technologies as well as a chance to visit exhibitors of the 19th edition of Domotex asia/Chinafloor. The goal is to facilitate further collaboration between the two groups.

While Asia is known to be a leader in pro­duct development and innovation, doing business in Asia can still be daunting for many North American companies. “This trip is designed to break down the barriers between Asia’s leading suppliers and North American distributors through greater understanding and shared business objectives,” said expert Santiago Montero. “This first-hand look at the quality and scope of Asian manufacturing operations will help foster new ties with North American distributors. Through a series of guided factory tours and face-to-face meetings, along with frank peer-to-peer discussions among group members themselves, we know we can help distributors deepen their ties with Asian manufacturers to help their businesses grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive market.”

The 2017 Delegation will include some of North America’s leading distribution companies. In addition to hosted factory tours, delegates will attend Domotex asia/Chinafloor.