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Deutsche Messe: Marketing activities decentralized



Deutsche Messe's Supervisory Board granted approval for the decentralization of the company's "Marketing & PR" division. Therefore, effective immediately, all marketing and PR activities are being decentralized to three MarCom (marketing communications) departments.

 - Onuora Ogbukagu (38) is Deutsche Messe's new Company Spokesman.
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Onuora Ogbukagu (38) is Deutsche Messe's new Company Spokesman.

The MarCom departments have direct responsibility for sales in the company's core and potential core fields of business. The objective of the decentralization initiative is to make the company's marketing and PR measures even more product- and market-centric. "Our aim in decentralizing marketing and PR and integrating them directly into our sales structures is to make or product communication even more effective. We are now even closer to the market and our customers and are therefore able to be more agile and targeted in our communication approach," explained Deutsche Messe Managing Board Chairman Dr. Jochen Köckler.

The MarCom department "Industry, Energy, Logistics", which is responsible, among other things, for marketing communications for HANNOVER MESSE and CeMAT, will be headed by Onuora Ogbukagu (38). Effective immediately, Mr. Ogbukagu is also Deutsche Messe's new Company Spokesman, replacing Wolfgang Kossert, who left the company at the start of August as part of the restructuring process. Ogbukagu has been with the company since 2008 and for the past five years has served as the Press Officer for HANNOVER MESSE. In his new role as Company Spokesman, he reports directly to the new Chairman of the Managing Board, Dr. Jochen Köckler.