Career market for transport and logistics sector



The right personnel for the right time? Companies want to attract the right people. How this will be made, can be seen at transport logistic that will be held from May 9 to 12, 2017 at the Messe München exhibition center.

 - At the transport logistics, the effect of the digital shift is obvious.
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At the transport logistics, the effect of the digital shift is obvious.

The effect of the digital shift, skills of operatives and managers of tomorrow for a successful career in the transport and logistics sector – these and other subjects will be discussed with representatives from business, logistics services and education. They will be explaining which specialist skills and personal qualities the industry expects of its managers and employees in the future, and pointing out which education and training courses can be helpful. And this year again, the last day of the transport logistic is dedicated to the changing picture of jobs and careers in transport and logistics.

That transport and logistics companies are finding it ever more difficult to find suitably qualified employees, was one of the findings in a recent market commentary by the German Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr—BAG) on working conditions in goods transport and logistics in 2016 (original German title: “Arbeitsbedingungen in Güterverkehr und Logistik 2016”), states the organizer. Demand for staff in the forwarding and CEP segments is currently very high, the report says. But many firms are also experiencing difficulties in attracting truck drivers, IT specialists and the next generation of managers. All the forecasts point to a further exacerbation of this problem in the coming years and decades. Digitalization is bringing another big unknown into the equation: Which jobs will disappear, and what new ones will emerge? Given this situation, the right strategies are needed to cope with these challenges and ensure competitiveness in the long term—for transport and logistics companies, but also for the whole of Germany as a location for this industry.