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BIOMASS: Renewable Energies in agriculture and forestry



The BIOMASS fair, from 8 - 12 April 2018 in Brno, Czechia, is a very good follow-up to the traditional agricultural and forestry exhibitions TECHAGRO and SILVA REGINA. It presents possibilities of utilising biomass from fields, meadows, forests and stables.

 - Renewable energies, agriculture, forestry and hunting are the key issues next April in Brno
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Renewable energies, agriculture, forestry and hunting are the key issues next April in Brno

Using biomass is a logical superstructure for farmers and foresters in their day-to-day work and offers more job opportunities. As a local source of renewable materials, biomass becomes an important part of the energy mix as part of the decentralised power engineering. The use of biomass is an opportunity for economical exploitation of energy and targeted care of the environment.

The BIOMASS fair offers a comprehensive overview of this successfully developing field. It presents technologies and their practical applications, informs about new trends and legislative frameworks, provides experience of the leading experts and establishes a discussion forum for further business orientations.

Exhibitors at agrarian and forestry fairs occupy all 13 exhibition halls and all outdoor areas of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The fairs’ last season featured 772 exhibitors from 40 countries and almost 90% of them expressed their satisfaction with their participation in the fairs. Most of the registered visitors work in plant and livestock production.

The BIOMASS fair takes place alongside with TECHARGO, the international fair of agricultural technology, and SILVA REGINA, the international fair for forestry and hunting. Over more than twenty years of their successful existence, the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA, BIOMASS fairs have developed into a prestigious event with a high professional credit, being one of the leading events of this kind in Central Europe.

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