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bauma Open Innovation starts a new challenge



A new bauma Open Innovation project tests the innovative spirit and ideas of the "solver community". The challenge in this instance is to come up with a sensor for locking systems, these sensors being very susceptible to faults due to environmental influences.

 - Open Innovation opens the innovation process to people outside the company
© Ruta N Medellin/flickr CC BY 2.0
Open Innovation opens the innovation process to people outside the company

The solutions and the results are processed anonymously by the experts and forwarded directly to the publisher of the challenge. To take part in the project, registration is required, at: The innovative solutions should be submitted by September 17.

This latest challenge, commissioned as part of the bauma Open Innovation initiative, has a wide range of requirements: A leading German manufacturer of access systems wants to improve an access solution that has already been developed and is in use. The innovative solution they are looking for should offer greater user-comfort and be significantly more robust than the existing system. The main goal is to make the technology more resistant to environmental influences and thereby deliver an improved user experience.

What’s behind Open Innovation?

bauma Open Innovation offers a platform for companies wishing to tap into a global and interdisciplinary network of experts in order to find innovative solutions. The advantage of Open Innovation is that it offers a way for companies to significantly reduce development times and costs. The products become better, the risk of innovation flops is lower. The process is particularly well suited for technological questions that cannot be resolved fully using the companies’ own resources. For the highly complex questions regarding innovations in the construction machinery sector in particular, the challenge gives companies access to a broad spectrum of expertise.