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Apex at Cemat Asia 2017



Visitors to Cemat Asia 2017 will benefit from a new dedicated area, called Apex Asia, showcasing aerial platforms and other types of equipment for safe working at height.

 - Cemat Asia deals with automation, materials handling and transport/logistics
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Cemat Asia deals with automation, materials handling and transport/logistics

Apex Asia, to be held in hall N1, is co-locating with Cemat Asia as an offshoot of the well-established Apex aerial platform exhibition held every three years in The Netherlands.

Fast growing market

Aerial platforms and other access equipment – including self-propelled booms, scissor lifts, vehicle mounted platforms, vertical mast personal lifts and construction hoists – is a fast growing market in China and wider Asia, driven by the improvements in productivity and safety that modern access equipment offers. This has led to annual sales growth of more than 25 percent for aerial platforms in China.

Apex Asia will see the world’s major manufacturers of access equipment exhibit as well as the new generation of Chinese suppliers.

Addressing rental companies

Aerial platforms are most commonly owned by rental companies and it is rental company owners and managers – equipment buyers - that will be one of the main visitor groups for Apex Asia. The European version of Apex attracts the world’s biggest, multi-billion dollar rental companies and Apex Asia will attract these companies as well as the hundreds of fast growing rental business in China and Asia.

International Rental Conference (IRC)

An additional attraction for this key rental audience will be the International Rental Conference (IRC), which will be staged in the Apex Asia hall on the first day of the fair. IRC has been held in China every year since 2013 and has become an important gathering place for the world’s rental market, attracting audiences of up to 300 and including representatives of many of the world’s biggest rental companies.